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TechnoTeez Sound Activated T-Shirt pulsates to the beat of music


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TechnoTeez Sound Activated T-Shirt

Official TechnoTeez sound activated t-shirts. Our light up animated LED t-shirts actually pulsate to the beat of music!  Perfect for night clubs, raves and parties!

TechnoTeez sound activated equalizer light-up animated LED t-shirts use electro-luminescence and IC chip technology to create a radiant pulsating display to the beat of music! A small power pack driver sits comfortably in a hidden pocket located inside the TechnoTeez shirt which controls the flashing and blinking (requires 4 AAA batteries which are installed and ready to wear!). Absolutely the most amazing thing to make anyone stand out in a crowd. Each TechnoTeez set comes complete with a design panel, a power pack, batteries, and a t-shirt.



Our TechnoTeez T-Shirts pulsate with all types of sounds and music. TechnoTeez work really well with electronic music such as techno and dance music.

This is a light-up graphic equalizer that is attached right onto the TechnoTeez shirt and actually will bounce up and down to music or other sound sources. Comes with a tiny power pack unit that sits in a hidden pocket on the inside of the shirt. Select either high or low sensitivity to sound. High sensitivity is great to watch the t-shirt respond to voices or everyday sounds. Low sensitivity is used in clubs where there is high-volume music blasting.

All TechnoTeez t-shirts are 100% cotton and hand-washable/hang dry (do not launder in machines). Simply remove the driver unit and cables from the inside of the shirt. 

Each TechnoTeez sound activated t-shirt comes with a power pack as pictured above. Includes 4 "AA" batteries already installed!  All you do is flip the on/off button and your t-shirt is ready to work right out of the box! Sensitivity switch is located on the side for you to adjust, in case you are in a club or concert with loud music.



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All TechnoTeez T-Shirts come in size LARGE and color black, which makes the effect more dramatic while wearing it in the dark. Some people also call these shirts EL Shirts LED Shirt or Equalizer Shirts.

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